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Our Story = HYPD SUPPS was created for the performance driven user who is looking for the highest quality product with exceptional flavor and fully dosed ingredients. our line of innovative products is for those who are looking to take their results to the next level.


1 for 1 – We know that to gain anything in this world you have to 1st give back. So we want to thank you for your purchase of this product, by doing so, we donate a can of food to those in need for each product purchased. Our hope is to help end and limit the amount of teens, families, and veterans in need who go without a meal. Follow our Journey on social media to keep up with our donations.

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  1. Ricky Marquez

    Insane focus and energy

  2. Mito Rodriguez

    I’ve tried quite a few prework outs trying to find the right one finally I gave darkside a try an for the first time in a very long time I was focused my work out felt really smooth since then I’ve consistently gone to the gym day in day out an really put in work .. I’m 13 lbs down – Hands down best pre workout I’ve ever tried.

  3. Luis Blanco

    I have tried lots of pres before. Most of the ones at GNC and their “stronger versions” they make of old ones. Then i started trying other ones. Went through psychotic, psychotic gold, psychotic hellboy. Tried Andrenolym NOotropic and a fee from transparent labs. None have even came close to comparing to this. I gave some to my friends and all of them loved it and asked me where i got it from. Except for one person. One friend said he didn’t really feel it. But what i love about it is that it doesnt give you crazy amounts of caffine/rush i love the euphoric feeling it gives you and the pump. Although pumps have never been a problem for me. I take l arginine and l citriuline but i did notice a better pump than usual.

  4. Dylan

    I don’t usually do reviews. I got a sample of this at a supplement store in Jersey and this stuff is the real deal. I ordered a tub and tried my serving today. This pre-workout is hands down the best pre I have ever consumed. The no-crash addition is completely accurate and makes me feel insane. Do not hesitate to purchase this product!

  5. Juliya Whaley

    They say if something is good, you’ll go back for more! LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND WHAT IS HAS TO DELIVER. GIVING ME INSANE ENERGY AND FOCUS FOR THE TOUGHEST SESSIONS. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! My second purchase and I’ll continue purchasing it! Thank you for making such a great product!

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