PUMP does exactly what it says, it gives you a insane pump and burst of energy! Pumping the muscle full will help increase strength and size over time! This is a key supplement to add to your pre workout. Or if you want to do a caffine break. Take it by itself and still fill the effects with out the tingles.


Don’t sweat it, pink Himalayan salt is a high
concentrated form of salt that will replenish your body of important minerals like sodium and potassium,
so you don’t tire out in the middle of your workout and to prevent cramps!

FEEL THE PUMP!!! Citrulline malate is the most used nitric
oxide product on the market and for good reason, it’s quick absorbing and dilates your blood vessels to
allow better flow of oxygen and nutrients to your muscle tissue for performance and pump! The malic
acid in citrulline malate also helps increase energy and athletic performance.

Why is my face SOOO ITCHY?!? Beta Alanine is used to buffer the
buildup of lactic acid in muscle tissue from exercise. When we lactic acid is introduced in the tissue, we
experience fatigue and must rest to let the lactic acid dissipate. Beta Alanine is known for its “tingle” and
“itchy” feeling, don’t worry it’s normal and will subside but, that also means it’s time to F*ck Sh*t Up.

BEETS BEETS AND MORE BEETS! Betaine is derived
from beet roots to promote exercise endurance and pump. It also helps with maintain good hydration in
our muscle for athletic performance!

Coconut water is high in potassium, sodium, vitamin C,
calcium, and electrolytes to help replenish what was lost through sweat. When used intra-workout or
during an athletic competition in or out of the heat, coconut water powder can help prevent you from
getting dehydrated which can decrease your performance.


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