hypd supps

one for one

we know that to  gain anything in this world, you first have to give back. So, we do just that. for every unit of HYPD we sell, we donate a unit of perishable food to those in need. our hope is to help end the amount of teens, families, and veterans in need who go without a meal or something to eat. So we thank you for your support. it does not go unnoticed and our communities are stronger because of it! 


Hypd supps

Brandon Webb, HYPD OWNER

He is the man with the vision. He pushes the boundaries of what we do on a daily basis. His vision and attention to detail within the brand is what continues to motivate and inspire the people who are around him. Brandon saw a opportunity to create a supplement that was next level, and went all in! 

James Pinon, HYPD Co-Owner

James is literally the man behind the scenes, a huge asset to the team. Anything you see that is graphic related, James designs! From all of our HYPD labels, merch designs, to our daily post, James creates. 

Frank Colachino, HYPD Sales Manager.

frank is 100% the man you will deal with when you are in need to order product on a wholesale level. He manages all of our stores (200+) and continues to be the go to contact for our partners! Frank brings 20+ years of experience to the brand and is a huge reason for our growth! 

John Dickerson, HYPD Creative

John has created the majority of our content exclusively for 3 years. From photos to videos on most of our social platforms, John has created. He also does the packing and shipping for our Wholesale and Online orders.